Knee Osteoarthritis

Knee osteoarthritis is connected with damage to the cartilage of the joints. The disease leads to stiffness of the joints and loss of their elasticity. Over time, cartilage can obliterate in some areas or be damaged, and as a result, the function of cartilage significantly decreases. The result is stretching of tendons and ligaments, rubbing bones with each other that causes pain.

Reasons for the knee osteoarthritis :

• Age.

• Genetic factors

• Excess weight. It is one of the most important factors that lead to the knee osteoarthritis, especially in women as weight makes an overload onto the surface of the cartilage of the joint.

• Knee injuries: infections, fractures, tear of ligaments or damage of the cartilage.

• Frequent pressure onto the knee: frequent falling and climbing, sitting for long periods, some kinds of sport.

• Rheumatoid diseases

• Excessive consumption of meat and beans, which increases the amount of uric acid that causes the knee osteoarthritis.


MRI to determine the size of damage in the joint, medical analyzes.

Treatment of the knee osteoarthritis in our medical center consists of the following stages:

• Preparation: physiotherapy, shock wave therapy (to stimulate the work of own stem cells in the joint), treatment of inflammation in the joint (anti-inflammatory medications).

• Stem cell therapy:

1. Specialized stem cells for the cartilage.

2. Multifunctional stem cells to improve the metabolism and to form new blood vessels, which in turn improve the nutrition of the joints.

The duration of treatment of the knee osteoarthritis in our medical center is 6 days.


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