Erectile dysfunction

Infertility in men is a condition which means the inability of conceiving a child due to many reasons, including:

- Disbalance of such hormones as FSH and/or LH

- High prolactin level in men

- Low testosterone

- Lack of spermatozoa

- The lack of sperm.

Erectile dysfunction is the weakness of the ability of the penis to erect and lack of sense of sexual desire for long periods. The disease is caused by many reasons including:

- anxiety and psychological condition

- cardiovascular diseases

- hormone imbalance

- some diseases (diabetes, heart disease, etc.)

- dysfunction of the prostate

- neural disorders


1. Study of psychological and neurological factors (anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and penile sensitivity)

2. Screening of the hormones - (testosterone levels, blood glucose levels)

3. Examination of vascular factors: ultrasound of the penis arteries is done in order to determine the amount of blood circulation.

4. Detecting the inflammation factor - prostate and urine are examined.

5. Examination of the semen in case of infertility.

Treatment of infertility and erectile dysfunction in our medical center consists of:

1. Preparatory stage - the use of vitamins, detoxification, sleep correction, shock wave therapy to stimulate the special cells of the tissues of the penis, negative pressure therapy.

2. Stem cell therapy - injecting stem cells into the penis to recover damaged vessels and tissues in it. In addition, neural stem cells are administered into biologically active points and placenta stem cells - subcutaneously.

3. In the case of infertility due to lack of sperm, stem cells are injected into the testicles and under general anesthesia.

4. Follow up after the treatment: recommendations for better results.

The duration of infertility and erectile dysfunction treatment in our medical center is 5 days.


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