Chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a chronic condition with several symptoms, the most notable of which is fatigue. The causes of the disease are unknown. However, there is a number of theories such as viral or bacterial infections, problems with the immune system, hormonal disbalance, mental health problems such as stress, depression and emotional traumas.

 Patients with chronic fatigue syndrome suffer from:

- Poor memory and attention.

- A headache.

- Pain in the joints and muscles.

- Sleep disorder.

- High body temperature.

- Increase or decrease in weight.

- Emotional instability.

- Erectile dysfunction.

The diagnostic stage of the treatment is aimed at identifying the main cause of the condition. The patient undergoes medical analyses and is consulted by the different specialists in order to detect problems in different fields:

1. Neurology (depression, weakness in the nerves and/or muscles etc.)

2. Endocrinology (diabetes, thyroid diseases, hypothyroidism etc.)

3. Immunology (immunodeficiency and infections)

After the examinations and determination of the causes of the disease, the treatment plan is developed. 

The treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome in our medical center is implemented in several stages:

1 Preparatory stage: (detoxification of the body, deallergization by means of different methods)

2 Stem cell therapy: administration of fetal stem cells (intravenously and into biologically active points of the body).

3 Follow-up: doctors’ recommendations regarding the following treatment plan. 

The duration of chronic fatigue syndrome treatment in our medical center is 5 days.


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