Cerebrospinal trauma

Spinal cord: It is a large bundle of nerves that transport nerve cells to and from the brain and to the rest of the body, surrounded by bone rings called spinal vertebrae.

Spinal cord injuries are usually caused by direct injury to the spinal cord nerves or indirect injury to the vertebrae

And tissues and vessels surrounding the spinal cord that may put pressure on the spinal cord itself.

Spinal cord injury at any location or nerve injury at the end of the spinal canal causes permanent changes in strength and sensation in the muscles and nerves below the injury site.

Causes of SCI are:

- Road accidents

- Falling from high places

- Violence

- Sports activities

- spinal cord inflammation

- Viral infection


Symptoms of spinal cord injury depend on the location and severity of the injury. Full spinal cord injury means that it does not function at all under the affected area. The partial spinal cord injury means that it performs certain functions under the affected area.

1. The higher the area of injury in the spinal cord, the more severe the injury. Full injury to the chest area of the spine causes complete paralysis of the legs, but the arms can still function. This is known as paraplegia.

2. the full injury between the fourth cervical vertebrae and the seventh cervical vertebrae, causing severe weakness in the arms and complete thrombosis in the legs. This is known as quaternary paralysis.

3. pain in the place of injury - and this pain improves with time.

4. hardening in the arms or legs affected, which is commonly known as "convulsions".

5. ulcers on the skin because of the inability to move.

6. Influenced the ability to control urination and output.

7. Weakness in fertility and fertility

Treatment of spinal cord injuries in our stem cell center:

The course of treatment is divided into two stages (depending on the period of infection):

1. Acute stage - treatment in the department of neurosurgery in the hospital with the reduction of movements of the patient, to stabilize the infected vertebrae if needed to reduce the impact on the spinal cord.

2. Rehabilitation stage - The most important steps are through natural and physical treatments.

- The use of stem cells in the first stage possible in the early period after surgery to stimulate the internal characteristics of the regeneration and repair of damage.

- In the second stage, stem cells improve the nutrition of the spinal cord and restore nervous communication between the cells.

The duration of treatment of spinal cord injuries in our center is 10 days. During this period, great attention is devoted to preparing the body for injecting several types of stem cells in addition to physiotherapy sessions.

EXPECTED RESULTS: Patients during the course of the treatment will feel initial improvements in the general condition, and then if the advice and recommendations are followed by the doctors and the adherence to physiotherapy, there is a great possibility to restore lost functions and return to normal life.


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