Autism & Developmental Delay

Autism is a disorder of mental development characterized by disorders of motility, speech. The symptoms of the disease are as follows:

1. Inability to pronounce the words clearly.

2. The absence of eye contact.

3. Slow and negative reactions. The child usually doesn’t respond quickly to the someone calling him/her or has no reaction to the phone ring or doorbells etc. 

4. Strange reactions to some things e.g. convulsions or screaming.

5. Loss of the ability to communicate visually and verbally.

6. Frequent repetition of habits and behaviour.

7. Excessive activity.

8. Aggressiveness, tendency to hurt others and hurt himself/herself (beating, biting, hitting the head into the ground or the wall).

Treatment of autism and developmental delay in our medical center

A new and effective way of treating autism and developmental delay using fetal stem cells has been developed in our medical center. This treatment is based on the properties of fetal stem cells to affect the organs and systems of the body positively. These stem cells have the ability to improve blood circulation. Fetal stem cells replace damaged cells of the nervous system and form new blood cells in the brain.

The method of the treatment consists of the intravenous administration of the multifunctional stem cells and injection of neural stem cells into biologically active points of the body.

The results in the patients who were treated in our medical center show the following improvements:

- Improved visual communication

- Pronouncing new words and understanding parents’ orders (in addition - verbal communication)

- Improved metabolism

- Improved mental abilities such as attention, concentration, and memory

- Improvement of sleep and metabolism in the body.

- Stronger immune system.

- The decrease of hyperactivity.

- Improvement is self-caring (bathroom, eating, and clothing).

The duration of the treatment of autism and developmental delay in our medical center is 3 days.


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