Anti Aging Therapy

Anti-aging therapy is a new and distinctive form of preventive health care. This pattern is based on the early detection, prevention, and treatment of diseases (if any).

The anti-aging program includes renewal of internal organs of the body and improvement of its functions (sleep, general weakness, metabolism, sexual function) and the general appearance of the person by renewing the cells of the face and neck and removing wrinkles as well as dark circles under the eyes and prevention of the hair loss. Different specialists are involved in the program of treatment (endocrinologist, neurologist, orthopaedist, urologist, cosmetologist).

At the diagnostic stage, laboratory tests are used as a basis to detect the metabolic function of the main systems of the body (hormones, nervous and cardiovascular systems) and consider the patient's desire to improve the appearance (face, hands, neck, etc.). After that, the treatment program for each person according to the results of tests and analyzes is developed.

Anti-aging treatment in our medical centre consists of several stages:

1. Preparatory stage: detoxification (the use of medications, blood purification techniques, physiotherapy, and preparatory skin care procedures)

2. Stem cell treatment which consists of the following:

- multifunctional stem cells (in order to form new blood vessels, improve metabolism). This type of stem cells is administered intravenously and into the penis (for men, in order to improve sexual function).

- neural stem cells (for the improvement of sleep and memory, regeneration of nerves and damaged brain cells). These stem cells are injected into biologically active points (neck and/or back).

- placenta stem cells (for the improvement of the immune system and hormonal balance). Administered subcutaneously.

- masks for the face containing stem cells.

- fibroblasts of soft tissues that are injected into the face. These stem cells help produce collagen.

3. Follow-up: The patient undergoes the recommended tests in 3 and/or 6 months and, if needed, receives recommendations from the doctors.

The duration of the anti-aging program is 5 days.


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