Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

ALS is a form of motor neurodegenerative disease, rapid spread, causes the atrophy of the nervous system due to the cessation of motor nerves and nerve cells in the central nervous system to work in this disease, the motor nerves in the brain and spinal cord gradually, and the disease is characterized by a continuous decrease in motor capacity , Until it comes to a paralysis of muscles, in addition to the significant decline in life expectancy.

ALS affects the motor neuron cells in the majority of voluntary muscles in the body, which monitor the brain through the work of nerves and control of the natures.

Main symptoms:

- General weakness and weakness of the parties

- muscle atrophy

- The presence of muscle vibration

- convulsions

- Imbalance

Difficulty swallowing and speaking

- The occurrence of hoarseness


- Integrated neurological examination.

- Electroneuromyography electrophysiological layout of the nerve

- MRI and / or CT scan to exclude other diseases.

Treatment of Immune Stenosis of Stem Cells in our Center:

Unfortunately, there is a final cure for this disease, but stem cell therapy controls its progress and treats the damage it has caused. This effect remains for several years and our treatment depends on restoring the function of transmitting signals between nerves and muscles and renewing damaged cells.

The expected improvements after treatment are:

- Improves muscle strength, movement, and motor coordination.

- Reduce muscle spasm and reduce acupuncture.

- Improves speech, speech, swallowing and breathing, prolonging the survival of these patients for a long time, because the lateral atherosclerosis causes the paralysis of the muscles of the respiratory system and pneumonia and death.

It usually takes two days to treat anorexia.


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